Classy Dinners

You know those lovely nights where you dress up - just a little bit, for dinner? 
Tonight was one of those nights. The look i'm going for is a dash of class paired with a girlish fun dress. The photos were taken in my messy messy room and honestly, the back of the door was the only neat place that i could find...yeah how embarassing...

Oooh, okay so do you like these shoes? I picked them up at Millies around 2 years ago and they were such an amazing investment! They make legs look slimmer and also classes up all my outfits! Girlies, i highly advise you to invest in a pair of black pumps with some sort of gold detailing! For the flat-lovin girls, may i suggest Tory Burch? ;)

As you can see, i tried my best to breathe some life into these dull photos via photoshop! haha! made them just a bit more interesting considering before they looked really flat!

omg enough yapping from me, hope you enjoy the pix lovelies :)

Dress: Forever 21 (Such a great investment!!)
Blazer: Zara Basic
Heels: Millies
Necklace: Juicy Couture 
Clutch: Chloe

so tell me, which is your favorite piece from this outfit? ;)



  1. Oh, I love dressing up for no real reason. Cute clutch!

  2. i love the outfit!
    i can't choose my favourite, i love pretty much everything haha
    the blazer is chic, and the clutch is gorgeous!
    you look stunning :)

  3. cool pics ^^ love your dress you look gorgeous :)

  4. the blazer and printed dress combi is great! i love how throwing on a blazer makes everything more dressed up!

    thanks for following btw, followed back! xoxo

  5. Such an elegant look, I adore the printed dress <3

  6. Lovely post!

    Shall we follow each other? I'm following you.


  7. I'd have to say although I adore blazers, my favorite item in the look is the clutch. I love the bow!

  8. Very nice dress!

    xo jennifer

  9. Such a pretty dress - and love that blazer over it - looks fabulous :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. Oh em gee, this is so classy! The dress is gorgeous <3 I've looked through your blog, and I love it!! You are so talented taking photos! :) Shall we follow each other? :))

    - Cecilie []


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