Me and My Boyfriend Jean: 3 BF JEAN HOT TIPS

Hello all you lovely people out there,
hope you've had a wonderful (urughhhh i hate..) monday! 
I recently ordered a pair of lovely ASOS boyfriend jeans that came in the mail! i just love their loose fit and distressed look! I am a big fan of effortlessly chic afterall! So here you go, my very first pair of boyfriend jeans. I had one of those 'dress nice but not TOO bedazzling' dinners and decided to pair my lovely new pair of jeans with a black and white striped vest top and a lovely black blazer. Nothing dresses up a casual outfit better than a well fitted black blazer.

Speaking of which, Here are several pearls of wisdom (according to me)


1. Look sexy: And by sexy i mean girl sexy, not i'm a construction worker man sexy... (unless that's your cup of tea..) 

 The reason why guys find us so incredibly hot in their clothes is pretty much because our boobs, butts and small ankles make their ordinary t-shirts and jeans come to life! We girls are curvy, and HELL we're gonna embrace that! So when it comes to boyfriend jeans, pair them with a pair of stilettos to sex them up, try your best to avoid wearing grungy sneakers with your bf jeans!

2. Be comfortable!

Well, what's the point of wearing baggy jeans if they're not going to be comfortable? Find a pair with a nice fit, has to be light weight and not too tight around the middle.

3. Last but not least, Have FUN with it!
I mean fashion is all about embracing a sort of romance and whimsicality into everyday life isn't it? Think of the BF jean as your newest canvas, it is up to you to add some pizazz and flair to that outfit! 

Enjoy the photos lovelys :)

Top: Cotton On
Jeans: ASOS
Blazer: Zara
Heels: Millies
Clutch: Chloe
Ring: Arte
Lip: Satin in M.A.C

p.s how do you wear your boyfriend jeans? :)
Hope you enjoyed the tips + pics!



  1. Beautiful outfit, I love your shoes and bag! :)

  2. Amazing jean, I love the style <3

  3. Totally love those jeans! I have to get a pair myself..

    sorelle in style

  4. This is a perfect ensemble! Love your jeans and shoes, you look great! x

  5. Beautiful! Love the red lips and cute shoes.


  6. you are so beautiful! :) xx

    and nice blog (:

  7. Love the stripes and blazer with the boyfriend jeans!! Great look and love that second shot!

  8. Lovely pics!!! Love your blazer so much:)

  9. oh love the outfit<3
    would u like to follow each other?

  10. I love the boyfriend jeans and that top is so chic and unique!

    xo Gillie

  11. so cute!! gotta teach me how to pair these if i ever get something like it :)
    ps is that the lipstick i gave you?


  12. I really like your blog, so much inspiration here:) what about following each other? here is my blog, hope you ll like it as I like yours :)

  13. You look really great! I love to give these baggy jeans a try too!

    Fang Ting

  14. so chic! I`m addicted to bf jeans. They`re so comfy!xx

  15. I like stripes and blazer, and shoes are so cute too :)

  16. That striped top is gorgeous and I love how you paired those heels with the casual jeans!

  17. Ohh dear, you swept me away with your outfit!
    you have an amazing style! i love it so much!
    your blog is awesome, that's why I'm following you now! follow back? :)

  18. nice post! you have a beautiful sense of style lovely :)
    would you maybe like to follow each other?


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