Top 3 Tips on Overcoming "Alone" Fear at Fashion and Networking Events

Have you ever had one of those moments where you break into a cold sweat before tackling a fashion event or networking meet-up solo?

 If I earned a dollar for all the times I’ve battled with myself asking whether or not I’ve dressed the part, thought about how silly I’d end up looking if I stood alone in the corner of the room all night and worried about whether or not I would enjoy the event at all, I would be loaded with a plump wallet! Now this might not be a concern for a lot of you outgoing social butterfly types out there, however, for those shrinking wallflowers just bursting to show the world how amazing you are, this is the guide for you.

No.1 - Flash a Smile 
If you spot someone you’d like to chat with, it’s easy, just make eye contact and flash a shining smile. If they’re anything like you, they would welcome the friendliness and return the favor. Smiling back at someone is a natural reflex, therefore there should be no reason why your target will refuse your sweetness (if they do, they are most likely troubled or plain unfriendly, and who would want to talk to a boring, stuck-up person like that anyways?). You have nothing to lose, a smile is completely free! If your target smiles back and walk over, then great! However if they do frown and look away, when it gets down to the bottom of it, it’s most definitely their loss.

No.2 - Pick a Piece, Any Piece
One of the best ways to start a conversation is picking an interesting fashion piece to talk about. With the range of bloggers, press and PRs in attendance, it shouldn’t be hard to find an interesting talking piece. From my experience, people are more than happy to share where and when they bought the amazing brooch, shoes or clutch and just like that, you’re in!  You can then proceed to ask them if they’re a fellow blogger or member of press and so on. One thing to remember is to find a piece that you are genuinely interested in as there is honestly nothing worse than coming off as fake and insincere.

No. 3 - Make it about them
The reason why people are out at the event is because they want to meet people and network. Just like you they are insecure and eager to make new contacts and would most definitely welcome your attention. Now, push aside all arrogance and make sure you work hard at keeping your mouth shut and letting them talk. People love to talk about themselves. Keep prompting open-ended questions such as Wow, why did you start blogging? What are some tips to some fabulous photographs?...etc. Not only will your partner be more than happy to open up, you'll also be able to listen and learn from all their experiences. Even if you haven't uttered a word, believe it or not, your partner will leave thinking "Wow, what a fabulous conversationalist" when all you did was listen. 

Well my dears, here is just the first of many fashion blogging networking tips to come! Hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you all the success in your next event! Go on and get networking! 

p.s thank you to all the lovely readers who left their answers! 
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  1. cool shoes!!!

    new post from Dominican Republic on my blog: I'm waiting for u!

  2. Fun post! Definitely remembering these!


  3. Love nr.1: flash a smile :) yeeaah always smile!

  4. great tips, especially the one with smiling. =)

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  6. Really nice post !!! I enjoy reading it.

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  8. These are really cool tips, I them interesting.

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  10. interesting post! by the way, I love your shoes!!!


  11. These are actually so helpful! I`m the wallflower type myself so thank you for posting this)


  12. Amazing post!
    I'm so shy that it's alway a challenge to go anywhere alone...


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