You are Cordially Invited to View the Marni at H&M Collection

Today, I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the lovely H&M showroom.
The display of the moment is of course the much talked about and hyped Marni collaboration with H&M. Upon entering the showroom I was surrounded by beautiful swirling prints and wonderfully well constructed garment pieces. For its high street price, the Marni pieces are made exceedingly well and echoes the craftmanship of original pieces from the Italian designer brand. 

One thing that caught my eye was the wonderful spark of electric turquoise echoed in various prints, lookbooks and shopping bags 
(Yes, that gorgeous turquoise specimen is INDEED a shopping bag that comes home with your newest Marni at H&M garment, sighh as if we needed another reason to shop). 

The showroom itself was wonderfully well organized, fresh, clean and super for showcasing H&M's exciting pieces. 

How gorgeous are the collection of prints ranging from zig zags, circles, polka dots to metallic florals? Time to swoon! The jewelry is a lovely string of chunky summery statement pieces. Bold, bright and fabulous seems to be the jewelry motto of the moment!

My friend Venus was with me and helped me take some pics for me! 
The ones of me are taken by Venus and the one of the two of us is by Rosita.

All in all, the collection was stunning! My favorite pieces are the lovely pink shorts above and a gorgeous metallic lilac and gold floral print suit. I really hope I am able to get my hands on a piece before it all sells out! Rumor has it that the designer collaboration collections in H&M sell out 3 hours from it's launch time in stores..wish me luck!

My thanks goes to H&M PR girl Rosita Cheng for giving me this viewing opportunity! 

Which are your favorite pieces? :)


  1. Ah such a nice collection!! I hope I can get some of the lovely pieces too! xx

    1. I really love the whole look. the patterns are a little overwelming for my taste so is the chunky jewerly (its too chunky). But like you i love the pink shorts.

  2. beautiful collection!

  3. You're so lucky! This collection looks just amazing! I 'm so coveting the tapestry pieces and the necklaces.

  4. lucky! can't wait. I WANT THE HAT!

  5. I really love the Marni Collection!!

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  6. Everything looks amazing! <3



  7. Lucky girl!!

    Gaby C. xx

  8. loving all the prints!!

  9. I am definitely getting even more excited for this ! thx for showing the pictures! *jewelries jewelries jewelries

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  10. Amazing pictures! Love it!

  11. Yay! can't wait! Thanks for posting.
    Love your leggings, by the way :)

    Eau de Violet

  12. Que maravilla, poder estar ahí.
    Un beso.

  13. You´re lucky. Great opportunity :-) I´m your new reader :D My favorite piece: the sunnies!

  14. it all looks just too cool! love it ! thanks for stopping by my blog ;)

  15. Lovely collection, thanks for sharing pics! I really like all the prints!

  16. In Romania the new selection will be available after 8th of March.

  17. IIII, i cant WAIT for this collection to come in store! fabulous! thanks for showing the pieces :D the photos are great!

  18. how cool is that!!!


  19. you had an amazing opportunity, this is a great collection :)

  20. I'm so jealous..I'm digging their accessories and the torquis color looks splendid =)



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